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Pinterest A man has been trying to fulfil his necessity with the help of revolution. It also required poor farmers to use simple irrigation techniques.

In order to expand our canal-system, the Government has already made a lot of dams like ones at the Mahanadi, the Damodar and the Vakranangal. Herbicides kill wild plants that are traditionally eaten as vegetables, further restricting the variety in many diets.

But as production of rice and wheat and other genetically altered crops grew, output of other indigenous crops, including pulses, declined. The Government of India brought highly productive seeds from other countries and tested them on our soil.

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388 Words Short Essay on the green revolution (free to read)

They note that no-till farming has decreased erosion. After the initial exploitation, real improvement occurred for many poor farmers. The huge increase in the use of fertilizers and pesticides have degraded the soil quality drastically.

From the food supply point of view, The Green Revolution definitely had a positive impact. International Food Policy Research Institute, Once the Indians were in need of independence. Soil conservation in corn fields is quite necessary for green revolution.

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The soil weakens, and chemical dependency grows until the soil finally fails.

Green Revolution

The same kind of crops should not be raised in the same plot continuously for two years or more. I believe the Green Revolution had more of a positive impact than negative.

The crops are created through crossbreeding or random mutagenesis to improve crop yield and increase durability to allow for longer shipment and storage times. There are many opinions on if the Green Revolution posed a positive or negative impact on the world. When you speak from the heart you might fumble once or twice but it connects with your audience.

It played a key role in the huge economic growth of India in last few decades. African slave trade history essay writing.

It not only made our country self-sufficient in food- grains but also improved the condition of our farmers. Or else at least try speech in front of the mirror.

Green Revolution Essay

Farmers in India used to take crops only once in the year, which was logical because the monsoon season comes only once in the year and so they could yield crops in monsoon only. Supporters note that the Green Revolution has created higher gross nutrition levels and increased the intake of calories.

The Zamindaars used to snatch their lands and make them work in their fields to repay their loans. The agriculture experts were sent to the countryside to aid and advise the farmers for more production.

The Impact of the Green Revolution

Green Revolution Essay The term Green Revolution refers to the incredible transformation of agriculture in developing nations between the s and s. Programs of agricultural research and the development of infrastructure led to significant increases in agricultural production.

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A Brief Essay on Green Revolution in India - Agriculture Condition, Food Problem- 500 to 1000 words

The efforts of the green revolution. the first achievement in this field. A Brief Essay on Green Revolution in India - Agriculture Condition, Food Problem- to words - - Simple Essays, Letters, Speeches.

In this extended writing task, students will read, analyze, and gather relevant information from text(s) and write an argumentative essay. Students will: Examine the global impacts of the Green Revolution. The new agricultural strategy during was the only cause for starting green revolution in India.

Green Revolution implies to improve agricultural production within a limited period and maintaining a high level agricultural production over a long period of time.

Essay writing on green revolution
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